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Army Birthday - June 14, 2021


Traditions of the Day

On June 14, the United States Army celebrates its birthday! What began as mostly a volunteer effort has grown into a formidable force to be reckoned with. Many annual rituals and events celebrate the past and pay tribute to the contributions of the United States Army. Soldiers who put their life on the line to safeguard the country are honored and reenacted in schools and even community theaters. Both Capitol Hill and the Pentagon hold cake cutting rituals, which have become a long-standing tradition. The top and lowest ranked officials each cut the cake with an Army saber. This is to cement the Army's spirit of cooperation and brotherhood. The cake-cutting ceremony is a lot of fun, and because the cake cutters are so eager, there aren't many broken tables or flying icing. It is also customary to demonstrate the US Army's strength to the rest of the world. Around the world, formation runs take place before daybreak, with units carrying their colors on parade grounds before starting their day's work.

A very special shout out to my cousin Ashely Colom! She just completed her AIT as 92 Y Unit Supply Specialist! We love you Ashley <3 


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