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National Bobblehead Day Activities

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National Bobblehead Day Activities 


1. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-see. The National Bobblehead Museum is still in the planning stages, but you may read more about the history of bobbleheads by visiting their website. You can also look at the expanding list of bobblehead dolls that have been distributed in recent years. The museum hopes to open a physical location in Milwaukee in the future. However, no official information on whether the roof will bounce up and down has been released.

2. See how many heads you can jiggle at once. Aren't bobblehead dolls supposed to be entertaining? So get a group of a few dozen bobbleheads together and see if you can get them all to bounce at the same time. What are the chances? When you're done, the Guinness Book of World Records might have a new entry.

3. On bobblehead giveaway day, go to a sports stadium.
From the major leagues to the lower leagues, nearly every professional sports team has a bobblehead giveaway day at some point. Purchase a few tickets and you'll get a free gift! Just make sure to arrive early. You don't want to be fighting a cutthroat collector for one of the remaining bobbleheads in the box because such freebies normally have a limited number, and some people have been known to take their bobblehead collections quite seriously.

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