National Short Girl Appreciation Day

National Short Girl Appreciation


It's not always nice to be short when the cups are on the highest shelf of the highest cupboard. But don't you think it's fantastic that you're always at the top of the human pyramid? When was the last time you hit your head on a door frame? National Short Girl Appreciation Day was created to honor the smaller women in our lives, and perhaps to assist them in obtaining that hard-to-reach item. Being a "short girl" has meant different things over the years and in different locales!

Tiny doorways in the 1700s demonstrated that, while a 5'2" lady now could be deemed short, she would have been perfectly normal in another century! By today's standards, even typical males from the 12th to 16th centuries would be considered short. The average female height nowadays is 5'4". Despite the fact that buildings, highways, and cities are always growing in size around the world, small women continue to thrive.

Women today are on average taller than our foremothers were even just 100 years ago. Women in Indonesia, Bolivia, and the Philippines, on the other hand, are on the shorter end of the worldwide average, standing at around 5 feet! This demonstrates that "short" is a relative term.

Short ladies have a significant impact. Emilia Clarke (Mother of Dragons!) and Kim Kardashian, the beauty and reality TV entrepreneur, are both 5'2". Lady Gaga is 5'1" tall, whereas Olympic gymnast Simone Biles stands at barely 4'8". These women show that being short does not prevent you from succeeding onstage, on the Olympic podium, or anywhere else.


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