National Dog Day

National Dog Day

National Dog Day 2021 is on August 26th, and we're gearing up to honor all of our four-legged pals in the greatest possible way! Can you believe our furry companions have been with us for over 14,000 years? Thank goodness, for what would we do if man's best friend didn't exist? It's time to break out the cake and photos of your dog and show the world how much you adore them! Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle advocate, founded National Dog Day in 2004. The goal of promoting this day is to increase public awareness about the importance of adopting these creatures who are currently in rescue facilities. Additionally, advocate dog ownership of all breeds, pure and mixed, on this day. Accept National Dog Day 2021 as an opportunity for all dogs to have a life that is safe, happy, and free of abuse.


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