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National Apple Day


National Apple Day is celebrated on October 21st and is dedicated to all things apple: apple pie, apple sauce, apple crisp, and so on. The list might go on forever. This occasion serves as a reminder to appreciate the apple in all of its forms. Choose your favorite apple variety and join apple enthusiasts all over the world on October 21st.



1. Apples should be consumed.
The obvious and unmistakable decision. Make this the day you enjoy a lovely, crisp, juicy apple to keep the doctor away.

2. Plant an Apple Tree
Plant an apple tree in your yard in anticipation of National Apple Day next year! Your future self will appreciate it.

Spread the Apple Joy!
It's possible that not everyone is aware of National Apple Day; help promote awareness by sharing apples with friends, family, and strangers... A good apple is loved by all!


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