National Happy Hour Day!


1. Make a drink invitation for your friends.
Although you can't take advantage of half-price drinks if you're hosting your own party, it's still cheaper to drink at home, so you win. You also won't have to stress about how you'll get home. Granted, the ambiance may not be as "cool" as your favorite hangout, but you can liven things up by experimenting with different recipes and tailoring your go-to to your preferences.

2. Go scrubbing!
It's not just about drinking at happy hour. Food specials are also available at many taverns and restaurants. If you're the designated driver (or simply prefer food over alcohol), Happy Hour is a fantastic value!

3. Drink in a bar where everyone knows your name.
When you walk into your favorite bar, don't expect everyone to scream out your name like they did for Norm in "Cheers," but on National Happy Hour Day, there may be extra special discounts for bar or restaurant "regulars." When you throw darts or play bar games with people you know, you can't help but feel a sense of togetherness. However, don't limit yourself to the tried-and-true. Make a mini pub crawl out of the evening by venturing out to a place you've been dying to visit.

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