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National Mousse Day



  1. Electric mixers are to thank for this.
    The invention of electric mixers led to the widespread appeal of mousse; it is thought that Rufus Eastman built the first mixer with an electric motor in 1885.
  2. What a creature!
    Fish mousse served with bread and butter used to be a popular lunch in America; although it has fallen out of favor in recent years, it is still offered as a party dip by devoted mousse fans.
  3. The largest chocolate mousse
    The largest choc mousse in the world was prepared at the Aventura Mall in Miami, which set a Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate mousse with a weight of 496 pounds.
  4. Why is it foamy?
    When eggs and cream are whisked together perfectly, air bubbles form, giving the mousse its light and airy structure.
  5. Is it hot or cold?
    Mousse can be served hot or frozen to produce ice cream.


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